Skeet On Mischa

"Archangel" by Samhain

This is my favorite Glen Danzig song. 

"Yes I’m Down" by Coachwhips

I once described the Coachwhips to a friend as “water balloon fight” music. I still stand by that, many years later. 

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"Soiled Life" by Soiled Doves

"Ghost" by Ty Segall

"Adderall" by The Coathangers

This album is pretty, pretty great. 

Phil Ochs - B07 (M) The Passing of My Life
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"The Passing of My Life" by Phil Ochs

"Brainded Warrior" by Zig Zags

"For Our Sake" by Gal Pals

"C’mere" by Interpol

"Panchito Blues II" by Peach Kelli Pop 

Caught part of her set at Burger A Go Go this weekend and it was a total blast. 

Aside from some minor hassles trying to find parking and the lack of air conditioning at the venue, I would have to say that Burger A Go Go was a total success. The Coathangers ruled. The Dum Dum Girls were hypnotic. Shannon & The Clams blew my mind (had never seen them before). However, my favorite part was when I saw a girl, maybe five or six years old, laughing and rocking out to Peach Kelli Pop. I also saw another little kid rocking out to Bombon.