Skeet On Mischa

"You’re So Cool" by Colleen Green

"Archangel" by Samhain

This is my favorite Glen Danzig song. 

"Yes I’m Down" by Coachwhips

I once described the Coachwhips to a friend as “water balloon fight” music. I still stand by that, many years later. 

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"Soiled Life" by Soiled Doves

"Ghost" by Ty Segall

"Adderall" by The Coathangers

This album is pretty, pretty great. 

Phil Ochs - B07 (M) The Passing of My Life
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"The Passing of My Life" by Phil Ochs

"Brainded Warrior" by Zig Zags

"For Our Sake" by Gal Pals

"C’mere" by Interpol